about our Yantra preparation process

What is Field of Yantra?

The white magic science is the subject which goes for thousand times backwards. History of our indigenous Yantra science spreads to the King of Rawana time. There are evidences that many kings in the ancient times wore the amulets to protect them from enemies’ troubles and victory. We can categorize the amulets as Buddha Yantra, Attraction Yantra, and Yantra of Removal of Planetary Problems, Devils Attractions’ Removal Yantra, Yantra for Zodiac Signs, All Evils Removal Yantra and Yantra of Removal Illnesses. The amulets are used to do evil works and good works, but I use this science only for the well being of mankind.

The advantages of the Yantra Science

Even though the amulets are written on the copper plate, it is a lifeless object till it is energized and prepared. Its activation is begun after the amulets were drawn and chanted from the chants in due times called putu, palippu, siddi and prana.
These amulets can be worn on head, neck and hip for the planets problems, protection, evil proofing, attraction, business development, enemy problems, victory and all kind success. These amulets should be prepared and energized by keeping offerings properly, so that you may get success. Thus the amulets are kept for protection of the house, business place and vehicles. The amulets which have been prepared for selling lands should be buried on the land.

Ancient Yantra from Sri Lanka

I am Krishan Kasun, the one who was delighted and wisely accepted the noblest triple gem of Buddha, Damma and Sangha through the steady devotion, vegetarian, meditative and also relieve to the suffering people with the help of Yantra, Mantra works. I make the amulets hundred present accurately. I endeavor to protect and carry on our thousand times old field of Yantra which comes since our ancient king’s time and give assistance with blessing to the all problems as well as grievances of the whole people in the world. Currently I’m living in Piliyandala, Sri Lanka.

Yantra I make

The amulets which I create are completely drawn by my hand itself. Thus drawing process of the amulet is begun according to person’s birth time, lagna and ideal auspicious time. When I energize the amulet which I make, I keep the offering which suit for that amulet and energize the amulet from prana, puta, palippu, siddi and due chanting terms of the amulet. Whenever the amulet is energized the offerings which need for it are differ from amulet by amulet. The effect and the activation of the amulet will be felt to the body and mind within very short period after you wear. The amulets which I energize are not caught for foulness because of the amulets are energized by the chants of foul removal.

What are the special facts of mine comparing with other yantra makers?

I am doing Yantra, Mantra works in different path more than other amulets makers. It would better energize the amulets many times, 324 times, 1008 times, 10,000 times and 100,000 times. It takes long time for energizing the amulets in 10,000 and 100,000 times. But I energize the amulets in 108 and 324 times from the chants of prana, puru, palippu and saddi and stand up the chair after the amulets is put in to the talisman.
I don’t agree standing up from the chair once or time by time. After the customer wore the amulet, merits are offered to all guardian angels of her or his eternal transmigration circle by making their guardian angels powerful. Many people don’t know that they have related guardian angels. I teach them the path how do they take help from them making them powerful. I explain and give knowledge to my customers of the things I know about the Yantra, Mantra sciences without keep any secrets. Because Yantra, Mantra science must be passed through to our future generation.

Yantra taken customer’s praise

My customers those who took my service said that they felt the activation of the amulet physically and mentally within few days, after they were worn by energizing. Also they bless me giving merits and all goddesses and gods blessing may be got. Many people praise me due to I am vegetarian as well as a meditative person. Also they say that there is a remarkable strength in my hand drawn amulets.