some more details about Yantra which I make

The amulets which I create are completely drawn by my hand itself. Thus drawing process of the amulet is begun according to person’s birth time, lagna and ideal auspicious time. When I energize the amulet which I make, I keep the offering which suit for that amulet and energize the amulet from prana, puta, palippu, siddi and due chanting terms of the amulet.
Whenever the amulet is energized the offerings which need for it are differ from amulet by amulet. The effect and the activation of the amulet will be felt to the body and mind within very short period after you wear. The amulets which I energize are not caught for foulness because of the amulets are energized by the chants of foul removal. In the present time, the people in our country use the imported amulets from different countries but those amulets are not suit us. We can take help for our any problems from our indigenous amulets which inherited since ancient time.

What are the other rituals that I do except yantra?

I mainly keep bodhi puja and bless to the people who are suffering from troubles. Instead of the rituals related to the amulets. I dedicate to prepare the amulets as well as I do rituals to sell the lands which get obstacles for selling, for the protection, the development of the business, marriage delaying, planetary problems and educational success. In the meantime I prepare incense for the success of the business. I am able to render a prompted and obvious benefit to the people who are suffering from the problems mainly through the five subjects called Amulets, Chants, Rituals, Attractions and Protections.

Buddhist rituals for people those who live in abroad

When I gave assistance to people those who live in abroad or do jobs in there by keeping bodhi puja, I firstly see and through the divine screen (aduna or anjanama) for what god offering should be kept how should the offerings be kept, in which gods help him or her much. And do meritorious works for their guardian angels by making those angels powerful too.

Abisambidana fragrance and incense sticks

This fragrance is used as aroma therapy for houses and business premises. This powder is chanted and energized from great Abisambidana Paritta, some blissful mantras and rare Lakshmi mantra which is found in ancient ola-leak booklet. I’m pure vegetarian and did all stuff in clean way. This aroma powder contains ten ingredients of herbal products such as white and red sandalwood powder. When you light this aroma powder inside your home or business premise, you can cut off all negative spirits, black magic, negative spells, evil eyes and bad luck. You will receive blessing from all Buddhist deities and great mother goddess of Lakshmi. You can light this aroma in early in the morning about 7AM and evening at 6pm. Incense sticks also are prepared from same way but easy to use. Aroma power can order as 50g packets and each one is Rs.100. Incense sticks can order as amount of 150, 1500, 15000 packets. Please contact us for order these fragrance and incense sticks.